Integration of Technology in English Language Teaching: Challenges and Perspectives

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Foreign language teaching which is based on technology has provided many effective plans in the learning process. Technology is applied for the sublimity of modern styles and provides so many options as making the process of teaching and learning interesting and also making education more productive in terms of improvements. The use of technology in teaching leads to a good understanding of the target language with ease. Learners stand a better chance of improving their foreign language skills if learning is fortified with technology; therefore, technology-aided learning environment is a key factor that motivates the learners to do better. This paper aims to analyze the requisite of multimedia technology to language teaching and also brings out the problems faced by using these technologies. It also tries to show the problems existing in practical teaching, such as: major means substituted by the assisting one, loss of speaking communication, the restriction of students’ thinking potential, abstract thinking replaced by imaginable thinking. Lastly gives some suggestions and strategies to the existing problems