Optimization of efficiency in SDDC

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Without doubt, the speed and efficiency of any system is one of the most important parameters of its success in supply of services; Network structure and its related settings have a direct impact on the speed and efficiency of network-based services; as a result optimization of efficiency, power and energy is of great importance in infrastructure of networks. With the increasing volume of data, workload and traffic in data center networks, the networks require more dynamism to manage data centers with lower costs. However the virtualization technologies in the cloud data centers [7] improve energy consumption by reducing the number of physical devices and improve efficiency of data center so much, optimization of throughput and efficiency in software-defined data center is still the major concern for network administrators [1]. Software Defined Networking and more specifically Open Flow protocol are ready to disrupt the current status and provide new ways to manage traffic and optimize network performance in Data Centers. SDN is a new network architecture that provides more flexible routing and better traffic control on different layers of network. An approach was proposed in the method proposed in this article with the capability for software planning of Open Flow controllers in controlling and managing software-defined data center, characterizing input traffics, controlling any traffic regarding its nature, optimal allocation of resources using Token Bucket algorithm, considering parameters such as quality of service and quality of experience to increase user’s satisfaction which result in improvement of throughput and efficiency in SDDC(software-defined data center)

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(1.Azadeh Darvazehban؛2.Seyed Javad Mirabedini؛ ۱۳۹۵)

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