Performance evaluation system developed over trade in Khorramabad river water quality management approach to trade pollution permits and fuzzy cost functions

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Using Smart theories in Trade theory pollutant load, is A New Approach in the environmental management of river systems In which pollution sources with high pollution control costs Are trying to purchase pollutant load discharge permit from the pollution sources with lower pollution control costs as a commodity, So that while maintaining a predetermined environmental aims, Both buyer and seller benefit. In this thesis, an intelligent model for river water quality management is studied. In this model, according to one-way flow of water in river, for river water quality management trade of the developed system (ETRS) is used. This system taking into account the level of the river self-purification and contaminant transport and distribution, determines Ratio - Trade between units and with the help of an optimization approach, provides an optimal pattern of trade. Ratio - Trade Model is designed for only one type of pollution index, in this thesis have been used ETRX model that has been developed for two different indicators. Also due to imprecision in calculating the cost function contaminant remediation, Using Fuzzy Regression and combining it with the TRS, the uncertainties involved in estimating costs of functions is investigating. In addition to taking into account the uncertainties involved in river system; Using Monte Carlo analysis1, the risk of violation from the water quality standards in the river control points is calculated. Also results of SRS method are used to train an artificial neural network. Thus, due to the uncertainties in the river system; the combination of Monte Carlo uncertainty analysis, ETRS methods and neural networks, a new model for trade of pollutant discharge permit is suggested, In addition to providing a business model pollutant load discharge permit, provide probability distribution functions and also has the river water quality management in real time. Proposed model using quantitative and qualitative data is Khorram River in Lorestan province, has been evaluated. The results indicated the effectiveness of trade policies is the concentration in river water quality management, in the present case study trade policies compared with the policy is not applied, were Leading to reduced treatment costs of pollutant load.

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۱۳۹۴، Performance evaluation system developed over trade in Khorramabad river water quality management approach to trade pollution permits and fuzzy cost functions، دومین کنفرانس بین المللی پژوهش های نوین در عمران، معماری و شهرسازی،

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