The Relationship between ESP Students’ Self-Regulation and Motivation

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There has always been debate on how to encourage students in learning what they are trying to  learn. There has also been hard work to create students who solely take the responsibility of their  own learning. It has been said that for a student to be self-regulated, which means a person who  takes the responsibility of his learning and also thinks about the strategies to make in different m situations, learners need to acquire 4 components, namely: standards of desirable behavior,  motivation to meet the standards, monitoring Of situations and thoughts that precede breaking  standards, and will power being the internal strength to control urges. Motivation being a very important factor in the creation self-regulated students is the main focus of this study

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Hamideh Kamkar.1؛Mahmoud Ali Ahmadi Pour.2؛ ۱۳۹۵، The Relationship between ESP Students’ Self-Regulation and Motivation، سومین کنفرانس بین المللی پژوهش در مهندسی ، علوم و تکنولوژی،’-Self-Regulation-and-Motivation

در داخل متن نیز هر جا به عبارت و یا دستاوردی از این مقاله اشاره شود پس از ذکر مطلب، در داخل پرانتز، مشخصات زیر نوشته شود.

(Hamideh Kamkar.1؛Mahmoud Ali Ahmadi Pour.2؛ ۱۳۹۵)

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