A multicast routing method based on multi-path routing for wireless sensor networks

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Wireless sensor networks have a large number of nodes which information diffusion related to them requires their own unique routing. The proposed algorithm provides multicast capability, multi-path for the sensor networks. In the following, proposed algorithm (SMO WSN) compared with algorithms SPBM & ODMRP. Then research shows that the proposed algorithm has been used by three evaluation criteria (Avg. End to End Path Length, Control Overhead, Packet Delivery Ratio) to compare with two other algorithms, which to some extent improvement efficiency of the proposed algorithm can be reachable in compared to the two other algorithms. Then we will achieve to a balanced degree among these three evaluation criteria so that proportion among the criteria will be made. And instead of a completely improvement of one criterion and lose other criteria, we can obtain the convincing amount for each of the criteria. It will do by classifying environment to the certain areas and at first, each packet among nodes be distributed in area. Then this package through some of appropriate nodes will be transferred to adjacent areas. If the area is without any nodes which are members of multicast group so the packet will not be distributed in that area. Each node in its buffer can store up identifier of each packet that has ever sent to avoid sending redundant packets. In this way, the packets through multiple paths among different areas of the network are released.

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؛؛؛ ۱۳۹۵، A multicast routing method based on multi-path routing for wireless sensor networks، سومین کنفرانس بین المللی پژوهش در علوم و تکنولوژی، https://scholar.conference.ac:443/index.php/download/file/6495-A-multicast-routing-method-based-on-multi-path-routing-for-wireless-sensor-networks

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(؛؛؛ ۱۳۹۵)

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