An Investigation on Vernacular Houses Regarding Sustainable Architecture (A Case of Shiraz, Iran)

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There are different factors such as topography, climate features, economy, livelihood, water resources, etc. leading to the formation of different urban forms in both rural and urban fabrics in Iran. Over the centuries, specific climatic and geographical conditions of this land along with pasts’ intelligence in utilizing natural resources and preserving them helped to emerge architecture. Current crises such as climate change and short of resources have led architects to decode the vernacular architecture of different areas, adapted its achievements to the modern needs, and so moved a step closer to achieving sustainable architecture. Since the basic cause of environmental degradation can be traced in the field of architecture and urban planning and as the house is the most fundamental unit in architecture and urbanization, this article aimed at analyzing vernacular residential buildings of Shiraz, which is assumed to meet the environmental and biological comfort in the past, and examined its closeness to the principles of sustainable architecture. To this end, six historical buildings (from Qajar dynasty and before it) were selected randomly. Library research and field observation have been conducted. The results indicated that the vernacular buildings of Shiraz had the highest conformity with the principles of sustainable architecture.

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1.Elahe Rayati؛2.Maryam Hossein Ghadiri؛ ۱۳۹۵، An Investigation on Vernacular Houses Regarding Sustainable Architecture (A Case of Shiraz, Iran)، چهارمین کنفرانس بین المللی پژوهش های نوین در عمران ، معماری و شهر سازی،,-Iran)

در داخل متن نیز هر جا به عبارت و یا دستاوردی از این مقاله اشاره شود پس از ذکر مطلب، در داخل پرانتز، مشخصات زیر نوشته شود.

(1.Elahe Rayati؛2.Maryam Hossein Ghadiri؛ ۱۳۹۵)

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