Stress Engineering Techniques In Advanced Nano Scale MOSFETs

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This Paper reviews the basics of engineering mechanics like stress, strain, mechanical properties in advanced nano scale MOSFETs and covers the latest developments in strain engineering. Stress is defined as force per unit area ΔA acting on the surface of a solid. Its unit is Pascal. After the basic understanding of the mechanic concept, we can extrapolate our discussion to the behavior of a body under a force such as a sensitivity to the channel stress to the material parameter variations, Types of process induced stresses that can be classified into two parts: thermal mismatch stress and intrinsic stress. The effect of varying geometrical parameters such as critical dimension scaling, the effect of scaling Polysilicon gate, the effect of the buffer layer on NMOS channel stress, the effect of Salicide on channel stress and thereby on carrier mobility has been an interesting research topic in strained-silicon nano scale devices. In the end, we focus on the stresses in a buried-SiGe strained-silicon MOSFET with the accurate simulation of the effect of stresses on the whole structure and compares stress profiles obtained by extract curve statements and measured in MPa. This model demonstrates the simulation of stresses in a test MOSFET structure with embedded as SiGe layer.

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؛؛؛ ۱۳۹۵، Stress Engineering Techniques In Advanced Nano Scale MOSFETs، دومین کنفرانس بین المللی علوم ومهندسی در عصر تکنولوژی،

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(؛؛؛ ۱۳۹۵)

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