Study on Social Factors Effective on Individual Anomie (Case study: Students of Sistan and Baluchestan University)

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The goal of this research is to study the social factors effective on individual anomie. The importance of this social issue lies in the fact that individual anomie could create necessary grounds for the emergence of identity crisis, psychological distress, selfish individualism, lack of commitment, moral corruption, transgression, disorder in social order and control, destruction of resources, violation of national interests, hostility and feeling of insecurity, dissatisfaction and extraversion. The methodology of the research is a combination of literature review and field survey. The population of the study consisted of students of Sistan and Baluchestan University. By using Cochran formula, 384 students were selected and the data was collected by author-developed questionnaire. The information and data was analyzed in SPSS software. Findings showed the intensity of social factors variable effects on individual anomie was Beta=0.220. In addition, the coefficient of the effects of social category class variable (Beta=0.486) was the strongest predictor of individual anomie, followed by the variable of commitment and responsibilities degree (Beta= 0.235) in the second rank; and the least effect was on mental category class variable (Beta= 0.185). To eliminate this social pathology, it is suggested to take measures for creating jobs and improve entrepreneurship, economic status of people, control the process of demand-emergence, solving people’s problems and issues with the communication and discourse methods, providing necessary measures to reduce the sense of relative deprivation in the society, expand welfare, education and recreation facilities for young group, improve parents’ knowledge on their children, overcome matrimonial disputes and launching plans to expand collective spirit.

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Maysam Musai.1؛Fatemeh Nikbin Sedaghati.2؛Somayeh Miri.3؛ ۱۳۹۴، Study on Social Factors Effective on Individual Anomie (Case study: Students of Sistan and Baluchestan University)، کنفرانس بین المللی پژوهش در علوم و تکنولوژی،

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(Maysam Musai.1؛Fatemeh Nikbin Sedaghati.2؛Somayeh Miri.3؛ ۱۳۹۴)

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