Music museum design solution according to cultural sustainability in Tabriz

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 The city of Tabriz is deemed to be the center and the biggest city of Azerbaijan (Azerbaijan is regarded as a big area of Iran which covers five provinces and extends from the middle-west to the north-west and west of Iran). It is one of the most ancient and historical cities of Iran which is distinctively well-known throughout the country. It is referred to as the city of the first people in Iran. It is noteworthy to consider and discuss the deficiencies of this great city whose civilization is many thousands years old. Although this city is the hometown of great artists and musicians, a museum of music in the scope of such a historical city has not been established. It is proposed that founding the first museum of music in the north-west of Iran whose biggest city is Tabriz can lead to the development of tourism industry as well as the establishment of a cultural and artistic atmosphere for those people who are interested in art and music. The objectives beyond designing such a museum are the followings: drawing attention to the original and rich culture and music of Azerbaijan, creating an appropriate architectural atmosphere for introducing different musical instruments, designing and classifying galleries according to the instruments, creating the proper architectural site for collecting the musical works of the musicians and the music of different instruments, designing and developing specialized cultural centers inside the museum such as specialized libraries of music and amphitheaters. The research issue of the study was concerned with finding an appropriate location for designing a museum of music in the historical and old city of Tabriz. Numerous research papers, valid books, thesis studies and other references were used to review the related literature. Library research was conducted in proposing and answering the research questions of the present study..

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؛؛؛ ۱۳۹۵، Music museum design solution according to cultural sustainability in Tabriz، کنفرانس بین المللی نخبگان عمران ,معماری و شهر سازی،

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