Application of Queuing Theory for Locating Service Centers

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One of the factors contributing to the success of the service centers to provide high quality services to customers can be short waiting time for customers to receive service and quick access to a service center for the service is licensed under. In this paper, a model for locating service centers stated that its goal is to minimize travel time and waiting for customers to receive service. The main purpose served by assuming diversity is followed. Serving a variety of different means of providing some kind of service each type of service in each service center is a different and independent. Since most service centers will provide some kind of service, diversity is supposed to serve many applications and makes precise location of choice for service centers and service providers to choose the number of each type in each center. The proper selection of these two cases, it is very effective in enhancing the quality of service to customers. The problem with this objective and key assumptions, modeling and meta-heuristic algorithms and solving community dispersed particles is investigated

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؛؛؛ ۱۳۹۵، Application of Queuing Theory for Locating Service Centers، سومین کنفرانس بین المللی پژوهش در مهندسی ،علوم و تکنولوژی،

در داخل متن نیز هر جا به عبارت و یا دستاوردی از این مقاله اشاره شود پس از ذکر مطلب، در داخل پرانتز، مشخصات زیر نوشته شود.

(؛؛؛ ۱۳۹۵)

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